Right Tree Plantation Can Change Your Life – Astrology Remedies

There are such trees, which increase fortune. Trees can change your future. Trees not only reduce pollution but also strengthen the luck. People can make changes in their life by planting trees.

tree plantationIt is beneficial to plant a Jamun tree. You should plant the Jamun tree on your birthday and other days. Plant 3 Jamun trees in a year. Plant this tree at such a place where it can develop. This avoids instability of life. It is fruitful to plant a peeple tree. Planting peeple tree avoids misfortune. You can plant as many peeple trees in life. You will get mercy from your favored god.

It is useful to plant banyan tree. Planting a banyan tree avoids problems in life or pitru dosha. This will also avoid conflict from home. However, one should avoid planting these trees in the house as they are significant. You should plant big trees in open ground.

Many times people do not make progress in life. Many time pitru dosha restricts the development of life. In this case, one should plant banyan trees at least four times a year. This is beneficial to get rid of pitru dosha. Those home where one face problem in childbirth or there is a conflict between children or children are not happy or prosperous, people of those home should plant banyan trees at least four times in a year. Plant this tree in such a way that it grows.

The banyan tree is not inauspicious. Planting a banyan tree with service will avoid pitru dosha. One should plant a mango tree. Do not take any advantage from your planted trees — Plant Jamun tree at least in a year. Children who are facing a problem they should plant Jamun tree.

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