Things To Mind While Wearing Gemstone

The gemstone is the source of a particular type of energy. Gemstone connects the body energy to planets energy. On this basis, one gets benefit or loss. One should take care of the weight and time of wearing. It will be dangerous to wear gemstone without identifying these two things.

gemstoneOne should check the condition of the planet and necessity while wearing a gemstone. Then, you can predict the gemstone weight. One can decide the importance of gemstone on the part of gemstone. Do not determine the gemstone weight based on the person’s weight. If there is more necessity of any Rashmi of gemstone then wear a big gemstone. If there is less necessity, then wear a small gemstone.

Gemstone has one type of energy. This will balance the body’s energy. This energy of gemstone meets the body’s energy after some time; then gemstone will become ineffective. In this condition, you can change the gemstone or make it energetic again.

Pearl remains energetic around two years. Pearl works properly around three-four years. Ruby remains active around five-seven years. Emerald continues energetic around five years. Yellow sapphire or topaz, diamond, and sapphire remain energetic for more than ten years. Gomed and Lahsuniya remain energetic around 2.5-3 years.

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