Get Your Mothers Blessings for Strong Moon

Moon planet is near the earth. It is the owner of coolness and night. Moon plays a vital role in the communication of life. In a human’s life, the mother is the centre of love. Moon and Mother are related to each other. We can understand the mother’s condition through the Moon. On the same way, we can understand the Moon’s situation through mother.

strong moonIf you do not maintain good relation with the mother, then the promising effect of Moon decrease, the mental condition becomes weak. You may face a mind problem. Happiness will reduce in life without any reason. One may face a small disease. They may face a security problem.

If your relationship remains good with your mother, then the condition of the Moon in the horoscope will improve. The mental problem will be solved. One gets respect, name and prestige. They will get relief from the big-small health problem.

One can strengthen Moon by bowing in front of parents. Touch their feet in morning-evening. Take care of their food, cloth and medicine. Try to leave near to your mother. Take any silver stuff from mother. Always keep it with you.

Keep fast on new moon day. Give Ardhya to Moon during Shukal Paksha. Worship Lord Shiva on Mondays. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” as pleasant as possible.

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