Do you have small Raj Yoga in Kundli?

There are two types of yoga, one is long Raj yoga and second is small Rajyoga. Long Rajyoga remains for a long time. It gives good position, prestige and wealth. The small Rajyoga offers good things in which you enjoy in life, and when it ends, you may face a problem. Small Rajyoga is such yoga which starts and end. Many people leave high life for 5-7 years. In little Rajyoga people earn a lot of money. They suddenly become poor.

Raj yogaThe small Rajyoga can be converted into big Rajyoga if we understand it. We should do some remedy to get more benefit from small Rajyoga. It is necessary to worship our favoured god. It is also important to remember your favoured god and chanting his psalm. The small Rajyoga will never wholly end by remembering your favoured god. The stability of small Rajyoga depends on you and your devotion. The worshipping favoured god never ultimately ends the Rajyoga.

One should do maximum service or take care of parents. Also, take care of your principal, master and teacher. Make an arrangement of food and water for beast and birds. Prepare kheer on full moon day night and keep it moonlight. On the next day, you should eat kheer and give it to others. This remedy will provide an excellent result. The Rajyoga will not break. Take out some food from your plate and give it to the dog. Do not prepare different food for the dog.

You should take out one part of the food which you eat. Start giving this food to the dog. Speak less when you feel you are facing a problem. Do not talk with ego. Put milk in a bottle and hide it in any secluded place. Do this remedy on every Tuesday. Do it for 43 Tuesdays. Any family member can do the solution if you are not able to do it. It is more beneficial if you do this remedy.

Daily offer water to the Sun. Keep water in a copper urn and mix sugar, rice and rotti. Stand in front of Sun, chant Om Dhruni Suryaya Namah and offer water slowly. These remedies will convert your small Rajyoga into big Rajyoga.

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