How To Prevent Negativity In Life – Astrology Remedies

Many people get negativity in their life. They think about conspiracy and evil thoughts. Many times people go towards the wrong path due to negativity. Negativity occurs due to Rahu and Ketu. One face loss due to Rahu and Ketu Dasha. They face many problems. Many times there is a conflict between spouses.

Prevent NegativityNegativity can be removed through some remedies. However, do not indulge in black magic. One should do this remedy for a long time with patience. This will give happiness in life. Mix seven grains and grind it very small. Mix rock salt in it. Mix raw milk in it and prepare a paste from this mixture.

Apply this mixture on head, forehead, neck, heart, body, and legs. You can apply it on your entire body. You should use this paste in the bathroom. Also, do the meditation of your favored god while applying this paste. Take a bath after a few minutes of applying the paste. Harmful effects will remove slowly.

You can apply lemon or rub the lemon on your body. This is beneficial to remove negativity from the body. You should remember your favored god while using lemon on the body. Burst the lemon and throw it after using on the body. You will get more benefit if you do remedy.

Never blame anyone for your wrong time. Take sand or soil from the river bank on full moon day. Do this remedy after Moon rises on full moon day. Let the sand or soil dry. Filter it when it dries. Apply sand or dirt on the body. You should apply it on the forehead. Take a bath after doing a remedy.

Take cold water in one bucket and fill hot water in one bucket. Take a bath with this water one by one. You should remember your favored god while taking a shower. Mix white sandalwood powder, turmeric, and milk in pure saffron. Apply this mixture on the forehead. You can also mix pure camphor in it.

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