How to Boost Confidence of Children? – Astrology Remedies

Aries: Children of this zodiac are playful and confident. Their confidence disturbs if they do mistake. Worship Sun to increase confidence.

Taurus: Children of this zodiac are serious and hard-working. Their confidence disturbs before the exam. Their problem can be avoided through support. Worship Lord Shiva and drink milk.

Gemini: Children of this zodiac are intelligent. Their confidence disturbs when they do many works. Regularly use green color and eat fennel to increase confidence.

Cancer: Children of this zodiac are sensitive. Little things impact on their mind. Sometimes their confidence is perfect, and sometimes their faith is very weak. Eat mishri and worship Hanuman to increase confidence.

Leo: Children of this zodiac are full of energy and incredible courage. They get success after getting the right direction. Their confidence often converts in over-confidence. See Sun and eat walnut to increase confidence.

Virgo: Children of this zodiac are very serious and calm. They overthink about life and food. They have less confidence. They get confidence during the problem. Eat fennel and wear light blue color clothes to increase confidence.

Libra: Children of this zodiac are very playful and generous nature. They mix with everyone. They accept everything. They often do mistake due to confidence. Take care of their friendship. Avoid alcohol.

Scorpio: Children of this zodiac are sensitive and soft. They hurt on a small matter. It affects on their mind. Their confidence usually remains weak, especially when they want to share their thoughts. Regularly drink milk mixing fennel. Also, see Lord Shiva.

Sagittarius: Children of this zodiac are intelligent and energetic. They have arrogance and anger. They face a problem with over-confidence. Regularly chant Gayatri psalm. Using a yellow color is beneficial.

Capricorn: Children of this zodiac are lucky since birth. They are useful in education and sports. They have the arrogance of it. They get less confidence in relations. They should regularly use white color and fragrance.

Aquarius: Children of this zodiac are intelligent and philosophical nature. They can do differently. They make mistakes. They have reasonable confidence for others work. They should eat more sweet food and use more sky color.

Pisces: Children of this zodiac are talented. They give the right direction to society. It is not easy to understand. They have confidence, and they know how to use it. If you face lack of confidence, then chant Hanuman Chalisa.

How to Invest Rightly in Share Market? – Astrology Remedies

Many people invest their money in share market. Many times they get loss instead of profit. Share market depends on many factors. There are some types of people who can invest their money in share market. It is essential to understand that investing money in share market is profitable or not.

Share MarketOne can get benefit in share market if Venus or Moon is in good condition. However, it is necessary to understand some on the palm. The bank scheme is related to the market. It is important to get to share market knowledge and time. It gives good sources of extra income. The lines on palm indicate profit-loss in share market.

If the ring finger is more significant than the index finger, then it is beneficial to invest money in share market. You can invest your money in share market by taking a proper decision.

If luck line and Sunline is long, then you can get excellent benefits from share market.

It is a great sign to have “M” sign on the palm. You can ear the perfect amount of money in the share market. If there is such figure like two boxes under index finger and thumb, then you can get benefit from share market. It is also beneficial to have a Trishul figure under the finger. One cannot get a loss if you have a Trishul figure. If these symptoms are in your hand, then you can invest your money in share market.

When You don’t Get Enough Credit to Help Someone – Astrology Solution

Many times we face trouble. Sometimes, we help others, but it doesn’t work properly. People whose Rahu and Jupiter are corrupt or Sun is weak they face this type of problem. They face this problem during their entire life. They get trouble after helping others. They get criticism instead of goodness. They face quarrel after doing kindness. Their image becomes wrong due to others.

helpPeople face a problem in their employment. They face many issues for their essential stuff after helping others. It is also not possible to help others. We should help others if we maintain our society. The problem occurs if Rahu, Jupiter is corrupt or Sun is weak. One should identify the harmful effect of Rahu, Jupiter or Sun from your history. Some remedies can avoid the problem.

One can take one garland and sit for worship. Do this remedy during sunrise. You can chant “Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah”. You can sit 5-7 minute before sunrise. You should chant this psalm of one garland every day. You will win over the problems after chanting psalm.

One can flow copper coin in flowing water. Do this remedy for continuous 40 days every year. You will get more benefit if you start doing this remedy on your birthday. Do this remedy once in a year for endless 40 days. The problem will be reduced by doing this remedy.

A person who stuck in Rahu, Jupiter or Sun they face the problem. Sometimes, they do not get rotti, fame and prestige. One can clean their teeth with babool on Tuesday and Saturday. A person can protect himself from every problem by doing this remedy. One should serve cow, master and temple with heart. It will protect you from cheat.

How to get Stability with Success ? – Panditji Online

Many times people do not get stability in their success. It may be in their job, business or auspicious work. Their happiness does not remain stable. A person who has more effect of Ketu they face the same problems. The more impact of Rahu and Ketu creates more problems. Success cannot remain due to weak luck. In this case, one cannot take enjoy life.

successIf your success remains stable, then you should do such remedies. If you can afford gold, then you can wear gold jewelry. It is extremely beneficial to wear a gold ring in the middle finger. You can wear a lightweight gold ring. If you cannot buy gold, then you can wear a brass ring.

If you cannot afford gold or a brass ring, then you can take the white cotton thread and make seven wraps up. Keep this thread in turmeric and saffron mixture for 2-3 days. Let the thread dry and remember your favored god and wear it. You should wear it in the throat and try to wear in such a way that it comes to the middle of the chest.

If you want to get success for a long time, then you can serve the dogs. It is also beneficial to help beast-friends. You should worship your favored god. You can go to an excellent accompaniment. One should work with honesty. If you do not work with honesty, then you may face loss.

You can flow copper coin in water daily. Do this remedy 8th month from your birthdays. Try to avoid having food. You can eat food after sunset. Offer water to Sun daily. This will improve your luck and success.

Astrology Remedies to Solve Property Disputes

Everyone does not have luck to get happiness of property. Many people do not have land. Many people have land but they do not get benefit from land. One cannot get property if Mars is not good. One can get losses if Mars is weak.

Property DisputesOne should pour 2 drop of milk’s in the root of banyan tree. Do this remedy for 43 Tuesdays. You can hide small piece of silver under the land. You should hide this silver if you want to sell the land. You can do this remedy if you want to earn some wealth by selling this land. You can do this remedy on door frame or land.

If you want to sell such place where you leave and you do not get success to sell that property then you can keep two empty sugar gunny on the terrace. You can also keep it on balcony if you do not have terrace. You should keep jute gunny above the balcony of window. You should make sure that the empty gunny is made from jute.

If you want to get happiness from the property then you should take care of widow women. She can be from your family or outside the family. You should take care of her without any benefit. You should take care of her in such a way that she gives you blessings. Blessing from service will give you benefit. You will get benefit from land and property.

You can give sweet rotti to bull. It is also beneficial to give jaggery on rotti. You can feed this rotti to dogs if you do not found bull. This will give you benefit from property. If you feel that your ancestors or veterans will not give you property then feel milk in small bottle and hide it in land. Do this remedy for 43 Tuesdays. Chant Hanuman Chalisa after hiding bottle in land.

Mix gold, silver and copper. Prepare ring from it. A person who wants to get benefit from property they should wear it in ring finger. He can wear this ring on Tuesday to get benefit.

How Mars Plays Role in Auspicious Work?

Mars play an important role in auspicious work. After that, every auspicious planets play role in good work. Jupiter and Mars both are important planets and they play an important role in auspicious work. Shani, Rahu-Ketu, creates problem in auspicious work. It would be difficult to do auspicious work if Mars is weak.

marsAuspicious work can be done easily when Mars is favourable, the good condition of Moon, auspicious Jupiter in horoscope. When Sade Sati or Dhaya comes to an end or if you get blessing from saint then auspicious work can be done easily.

One cannot do auspicious work if there is dasha of Shani, bad effect of Rahu or inauspicious effect of Jupiter. One cannot able to do auspicious work if there is conflict in the home daily. If main gate of home is bad then one cannot able to do auspicious work.

One should make worship place in the home. Regularly do worship. Do common worship once in a week. Do not make conflict in the home. Daily, keep vandanwar on the main gate of the home. Try to do bhajan, kirtan in the home.

Godess Lakshmi Mantras for success

Mahalakshmi is the god of the prosperity whose blessings is important in everyone’s life. Without her soulful sight on us, we could not forward to a better life. To acquire Mahalakshmi’s anugraha, especially women have to follow many good things in day today life such as waking up in the morning before sunrise, putting rangoli in raw rice paste, speaking good and cheerful words without using any negative words, loving everyone, feeding the people with food etc. Alongside, there are some powerful mantras of Mahalakshmi that could bring out a glorious and successful life. It can be chanted by both male and female.

How will Devi Mahalakshmi be?

MahalakshmiDevi Mahalakshmi is commonly portrayed as a beautiful Goddess sitting or standing on a full-bloomed red lotus. The Goddess has a glittering golden complexion with four hands. The four hands represent Wealth, desire, liberation and religiousness. A pair of elephants will be standing on both her sides which spraying a stream of water. The goddess adorns reddish golden cloth with precious ornaments. Gold coins will be flowing out of her hand that shows abundance. Being the wife of Lord Vishnu, the Goddess possess dynamic energy of him and one who prays the Goddess will be bestowed with all luxury, wealth and prosperity. She removes poverty, all miseries of finance and debts.

Benefits of Mahalakshmi Mantras

Chanting the goddess mantra will bring out the immense richness, prosperity, happiness in the chanter’s life certainly. It is advised to chant the mantras at least for 40 days continuously. If one who chants the mantras 1,25,000 times within 72 days, the person can definitely see the best results. Daily a person can chant lakshmi mantra for at least 108 times. Chanting mantras create an effective aura that attracts goodness and fortunes easily.

Chanting Mantras continuously will produce positive and good vibes that will bring out desired changes in our lives. So, it is important to pronounce Mahalakshmi Mantras properly. While reciting mantras, one should a strong have faith on the mantras and goddess, and the person should not get deviated with other things during the prayer. The wrong pronunciation will bring some adverse results. Therefore, one should be careful while reciting mantras.

How to chant Laxmi mantra?

The mantras are easy to learn and they tend to bring you the best and quick results.

  • Firstly, sit comfortably and keep your eyes either open or closed.
  • Start chanting mantras at least for 108 times daily.
  • The recitation of mantras can be performed silently or loudly.
  • It is believed that starting to chant mantras on Diwali yields the greatest results to the devotee.
  • Sit facing east side while chanting mantras. Lit the lamp with gingelly oil or cow’s ghee, offer lotus to the idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • The mantras should be chanted using Kamalgata or sphatik mala.

After completing the mantras, sit for a few minutes with closed eyes, pray the Goddess and thank her for her love and blessings.
Some of the powerful Lakshmi Mantras are:

Lakshmi Gayatri: To bring prosperity and success

“Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnayai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat”
Mahalakshmi Mantra: |Om Hring Shring Kreeng Shring Kreeng Kling Shring Mahaalakshmi Mam Grihe Dhanam Pooray Pooray Chintaayai Dooray Dooray Swaha|

Lakshmi Mantra for a successful business: Om Aim Shreem Mahalakshmayee Kamal Dharinayee Garud Vahinayee Shreem Aim Namah|

Mahalakshmi Yakshineevidya: Om Hring kling MahaLakshmyai Namah|

Shree Lakshmi Nrisingh Mantra: Om Hring Kshraung Shring Lakshmi Nrisinghay Namah|Om Kling Kshraung Shring Lakshmi Devyai Namah|

Jyestha Lakshmi Mantra: Om Aing Hring Shring Jyesth Lakshmi Swayambhuve Hring Jyesthayai Namah|

Special Diwali Lakshmi Mantra: Om Shring Hring Kling Aing Saung Om Hring Ka A Ee La Hring Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hring Sakal Hring Saung Aing Kling Hring Shring Om|

Beej Mantra for Prosperity: Om Shring Shriye Namah|

It is said that Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of cleanliness. So, you should keep your surroundings absolutely spic and span to invite her to your home. Choose one Ganesh Mantra and chant along with Mahalakshmi Mantra to attain huge wealth in life along with overall growth in life. Combining these two mantras will yield many miracles in your life.

Take a vow and start today to chant Mahalakshmi mantras to improve your life with continuous successes. Stay blessed!!!

How to Read the Marriage line in Palmistry

Marriage lines are said to disclose many facts about one’s romantic life in palmistry. It indicates from the number of marriages to the number of children born from marriages. “Chiromancy” is the technical term for a palm reading and it has been an ancient science. There is always confusion about reading palmistry for male and female. Which hand is for male and for female? Though right for female and left for male are being standard, there are many things yet to be scrutinized in the palm reading.

Palm reading for Marriage Line

marriage line palmistryThe marriage lines are found on the sides of the hand under the little finger. When you turn the hand, you may notice one, two or three deeply cut lines in the hand below the little finger running horizontally. These lines are marriage lines. Clearly marked lines represent marriage.

Marriage lines and representations:

  • Short marriage lines: They indicate a serious love affair or marriage observed but never entered into that life.
  • Broken marriage lines: If one or more marriage lines are broken, it indicates the marriage will end up sadly and badly.
  • Island in the marriage line: Ill health to the partner or separation from the partner is predicted when there is an island on the marriage line.
  • Problems after marriage: When there is small crisscrossing on the marriage line, it shows there will be a continuous problem in the post-marital life.
  • More than one marriage line: It indicates the person will go for more than one marriage.
  • Last and Longest Marriage Line: A long straight line indicates a person will have the happiest marriage life. If this line is longest along with two to three lines, it may be considered as one or two serious love affairs would have occurred before the person’s marriage.
  • Going down to cut the heart line: It represents the person’s marriage life has emptiness. If the person is single with such a marriage line, then it shall mean the person does not have a belief in marriage.
  • Split end: It indicates divorce might occur in the marriage life.
  • Two lines converging into one: The person’s marriage will be overly delayed. He or she will have a long relationship without ending in marriage. If such a person finds this arrangement in his or her partner’s palm, then he or she must be ready to wait for a long period for getting married.
  • No marriage line: The marriage line is not authenticating one’s life. The person may have other strong interests in his or her life. If a person is already married with such an arrangement, then he or she might not be included towards sex and may have a sexless life till the life end.
  • Hartline nearer to the marriage line: It indicates the person will have early marriage life.
  • Marriage line curving to the ring finger: The arrangement represents that the person will lead a single life and may end up with married life at an old age.
  • circle on the marriage line: When there is a circle in the marriage line, it represents obstacles may occur from other people. It also means the persons may be controlled by a lover from his or her young age.
  • Double Marriage Lines: Dual line represents that the person will be in a relationship with two persons at the same time. Moreover, the prominence and depth of the lines determine the depth of the relationships. It is a bit tricky to read and determine.

If the marriage line starts from the mount of mercury, heads upwards crossing fate line and lifeline, it represents you may be married to a depraved person.

Blemishes, black dot, or deep cross over marriage line represents a sign of bad luck in the marriage life and it may even lead to a divorce.

In general, if the marriage line falls below the middle section of the mount, the union is expected to happen at a young age. The later marriage life can be represented by the higher line on the mount. The length of the marriage line shows how long the affection will last, and how long the relationship will last. So, start reading your palm and know about your marriage life.

What if your Second Toe is longer than the First One?

Foot reading is famous in China and Indian for over 5000 years. People from these countries have a strong belief that the feet act as a mirror to the rest of the body. But, the famous Reflexologist Jane Sheehan is certain about that the feet indicate everything about a person, i.e. from the digestive system function to their relationship with others. Your feet judge your personality, otherwise, we can say. She explains about the toes and its characteristics.

ToeBig Toe: People who have a longer big toe than other toes will be smart and creative. They use to take a clever solution to all the issues. They see things around them from different perspectives. If the big toe is small, it indicates one can do many things at a time. The person will always use his/her charisma to influence others with their ideas.

Second Toe: People with long second toe are born for being leaders. These people are highly creative, dynamic and bossism is their key trait. There is a belief that persons who have bigger second toes have an affinity to have an upper hand in their personal relationship and marriage. Dominance is their born nature.

Generally, Indian mothers won’t let their sons marry girls with bigger second toe since the girls with such toes are considered to be too bossy. A person whose second toe bends towards the big toe will be nostalgic and sentimental.

A woman, who has her second toe bigger than all other toes, would remain unchaste before her marriage.  Her husband’ peace will be spoiled until she readies to endure her youth for adultery.

Greek Toe is otherwise called fire or flame foot in which the second toe will be protruding and particularly it will be longer than the big toe. People with such toe type will be extremely sporty along with skilled leadership qualities to boast. Their impulsive nature makes them frequently stress out. They are fun to around and they will lead their life maturely.  

While speaking scientifically, this condition is called “Greeks feet” or “Morton’s toe”. Sometimes it makes the people to foot aches and injuries. Some kind of pain the person may experience in feet, lower extremities, neck and back including 

  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Hammer, claw, mallet toes
  • Sciatica and knee pain
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Scoliosis & Kyphosis

How to overcome such pain?

Trigger point therapy or massage therapy is the best thing to do when you feel pain by the longer second toe. Typically, acupressure, neuromuscular techniques, and reflexology help in relieving pain through the following trigger points:

  • Peroneus Longus
  • Tibialis Posterior
  • Adductor Longus
  • Tensor Fasciae Latae
  • Gluteus Medius

How does the Feet shape determine one’s personality?

Besides the length of the toes, there are other things help in finding more about one’s personality and some of the tips are:

Long & Narrow Feet: People who have long and narrow feet will be artistic and will have a great sense of beauty. They also want them to be pampered. They are very smart especially in delegating their works to others. The Chinese usually denote that they hold “Princess’ feet” and they will be brought up with special care.

Massive Toepads: If you are having massive toe pads, it represents you are a deep thinker and would like to consider all the measures say positives and negatives before doing anything.

Gap between Second and Third Toe: A gap between the second and third toe indicates the person will manage the things balanced in keeping the personal and professional life separate.

Health secrets decided through Toes:

Ridged Nails: If you have vertically ridged nails, you may possess issues in your digestive and metabolic system. The horizontal level represents your high-stress levels. Therefore, try to eat healthily.

Soft spongy area around the Achilles tendon: A spongy area around the Achilles tendon on the heel represents problems linked with fertility. You will have an improvement by cutting down the caffeine and increase the water intake amount.

Dark patches on the toe pads: It indicates the state of depression. Depressed people tend to walk on their front foot by pushing weight forward.

Though we are in modern lifestyle, still we should abide by some ancient scriptures that would make our life better.

भगवान लक्ष्मीनारायण को प्रशन्न करने के ज्योतिष उपाय

कुंडली में शुक्र ग्रह और चंद्रमा को स्त्री कारक ग्रह माना जाता है। शुक्र ग्रह और चंद्रमा से महालक्ष्मी की कृपा प्राप्त होती है। शुक्र, चंद्रमा की प्रसन्नता के लिए घर में काले और नीले रंग का प्रयोग न करे। अपने घर के दक्षिण पूर्वी भाग में रसोई घर जरूर बनाये। रसोई घर में काम करने से पहले दक्षिण पूर्व दिशा में दीपक जलाए। इसके बाद ही रसोई घर का काम शुरू करे।

lakshmi narayanघर की महिलाएँ रसोई घर में बिना स्नान के काम न करे। हमेशा अपनी रसोई में माँ अन्नपूर्णा की फोटो जरुर स्थापित करे। काम शुरू करने से पहले माँ अन्नपूर्णा के दर्शन करे। ऐसा करने से घर के सभी लोग स्वस्थ रहेंगे। भोजन भी स्वादिस्ट बनेगा।

महिलाओ का सम्मान न करने से घर में दरिद्रता का वास होता है। घर के आग्नेय कोण में जलभराव रखने से वास्तु दोष उत्त्पन होता है। रात में देर तक जागने से और सुबह देर से उठने पर घर में दरिद्रता आती है। घर में छोटी-छोटी बातों पर कलह के कारण आर्थिक स्तिथि ख़राब होती है।

घर में गंदे कपडे टूटी चीजों को रखने से भी माँ लक्ष्मी नाराज होती है। पत्नी का अपमान करने से भी आर्थिक स्तिथि ख़राब होती है। सुबह जल्दी उठकर नहाकर साफ कपड़े पहने। गेहूं के आटे का एक दिया बनाये। दीपक में कलावे की बाटी के साथ देसी घी और देसी कपूर रखे। श्री लक्ष्मीनारायण जी के सामने दीपक जलाएं। ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्मये नमः मंत्र का 108 बार जाप करे। ये मंत्र जाप लाल आसन पर बैठकर करे। अपना मुंह उत्तर दिशा की तरफ़ रखे। रीढ़ की हड्डी को सीधा रखे।

घर में अन्न, धन के लिए प्रार्थना करे। शुकल पक्ष के शुक्रवार की शाम को स्नान करके एक लाल आसन पर बैठे। अपना मुँह उत्तर या पूर्व दिशा की तरफ़ रखे। सवा मीटर लाल कपड़ा बिछाकर उसपर लक्ष्मीनारायण जी की फोटो रखे। गाय के घी का दीपक जलाये। एक शुद्ध स्फटिक की माला से ॐ दारिद्रध्वंसनी नमः मंत्र का जाप करे। आप को 5 माला ये मंत्र जाप करे। जाप के बाद भगवान लक्ष्मीनारायण को गुलाब का इत्र अर्पित करे। उसी इत्र का रोज इस्तेमाल करे। जरूरतमंद लोगो में साबुत चावल की खीर बांटें।