5 Things Brings Luck in Your Life – As Per Vedic Astrology

There are some habits which can change your fortune. If we do some work, then our sins reduce. Our excellent work increase, and we can get the mercy of God. This increases our good luck. We can get rid of the bad effects of Shani-Rahu by doing some good work.

luck in lifeOne should do prayer in the morning. Make prayer while doing the meditation of God. Keep your mind calm. This will change your life amazingly. One should keep their body, mind and place clean. You should always clean your body. Keep your account simple. Your thoughts should be good. You have to keep clean any place of the home. You have to clean it your own. This will reduce the bad effect of Shani-Rahu.

You should pour water in the plants of the home. You can plant any plant on your birthday. You should plant it at such place, where it can grow. It is beneficial to plant a fruit tree. Planting a fruit tree gives you benefit. This will reduce the misfortune and increase the fortune.

There are two paksha in the month. You should serve satsang or anusthan during these two paksha in the month. You should visit any satsang. You have to do anusthan. You can do Jaap on new moon day or full moon day. It is also beneficial to keep fast of Ekadashi. This will reduce the effect of misdeed. You will make progress in life.

Future Prediction for Cancer Ascendant People – Panditji Online

Moon is the owner of Cancer lagan. It is the majestic planet. Mars is a significant planet for Cancer lagan. It gives courage and power to the person. Venus is the owner of the benefit in this lagan. Therefore, the person does not face a shortage of wealth. Jupiter controls fortune for this zodiac. This gives the boon of luck since birth. Cancer lagan face problem in domestic life.

cancer AscendantIn Caner lagan, every planet is the owner of that house. They become mighty in this lagan. The biggest world of astrology, Jupiter, is high in Cancer lagan. The combination of Moon-Jupiter, this lagan gets fame in public. The Moon-Mars combination gives the top position. In Cancer zodiac, Sun is in Karma position, and it is stable. Therefore, one can get Rajyoga.

Cancer lagan is very important and influential in politics. Many politicians have Cancer lagan, and they get the benefit. Cancer lagan should take care of such matters. Cancer lagan should take care of their marital life. Always take care of your character. Cancer lagan should protect their integrity from defamation.

Cancer lagan has always to take care of their health and lifestyle. They can wear coral by consulting an astrologer.

Right Tree Plantation Can Change Your Life – Astrology Remedies

There are such trees, which increase fortune. Trees can change your future. Trees not only reduce pollution but also strengthen the luck. People can make changes in their life by planting trees.

tree plantationIt is beneficial to plant a Jamun tree. You should plant the Jamun tree on your birthday and other days. Plant 3 Jamun trees in a year. Plant this tree at such a place where it can develop. This avoids instability of life. It is fruitful to plant a peeple tree. Planting peeple tree avoids misfortune. You can plant as many peeple trees in life. You will get mercy from your favored god.

It is useful to plant banyan tree. Planting a banyan tree avoids problems in life or pitru dosha. This will also avoid conflict from home. However, one should avoid planting these trees in the house as they are significant. You should plant big trees in open ground.

Many times people do not make progress in life. Many time pitru dosha restricts the development of life. In this case, one should plant banyan trees at least four times a year. This is beneficial to get rid of pitru dosha. Those home where one face problem in childbirth or there is a conflict between children or children are not happy or prosperous, people of those home should plant banyan trees at least four times in a year. Plant this tree in such a way that it grows.

The banyan tree is not inauspicious. Planting a banyan tree with service will avoid pitru dosha. One should plant a mango tree. Do not take any advantage from your planted trees — Plant Jamun tree at least in a year. Children who are facing a problem they should plant Jamun tree.

What is Meaning If you Lose Things in Daily Life? – Astrology Meaning

In the horoscope, sixth, eleventh and twelfth houses denote the loss of stuff. The fourth, sixth, eighth, or twelfth house in gochar creates a loss of things. Things are suddenly lost when there is a conjunction of Rahu-Moon. If there is a relation of Shani or Mangal, then one cannot get jobs. If Venus, Jupiter or any auspicious planet then one can get things. One cannot understand or delay in getting ideas, which lost on Saturday.

lose thingsIn the horoscope, if there is Rahu, Ketu or Mercury dasha, Sade Sati or Dhaya of Shani, then one lost their things. If your zodiac is Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, then you can lose your close item. If your radix is 2, 4 or 8, then you can lose your items. You can lose a thing if you keep a blue color dog or take the black color car.

When one loses their stuff on Monday or Wednesday, then they can get their stuff. One can get their lost things if they do some remedy after losing their stuff. One can get their lost items if Jupiter is strong in the horoscope, or there is the impact of Jupiter or Sade Sati or Dhaya comes to an end. One can get their lost stuff if their radix is 5, 7 or 9.

Losing or getting things tells about the status of planets. It is not auspicious to lose gold. But it is promising to get. It is not promising to lose glass or handkerchief. But it is promising to get a tissue. It is not auspicious to lose clothes. It indicates disease. It is promising to lose gemstone. This avoids a big problem. Losing beauty product during mangalik work means you are healthy.

Do you have small Raj Yoga in Kundli?

There are two types of yoga, one is long Raj yoga and second is small Rajyoga. Long Rajyoga remains for a long time. It gives good position, prestige and wealth. The small Rajyoga offers good things in which you enjoy in life, and when it ends, you may face a problem. Small Rajyoga is such yoga which starts and end. Many people leave high life for 5-7 years. In little Rajyoga people earn a lot of money. They suddenly become poor.

Raj yogaThe small Rajyoga can be converted into big Rajyoga if we understand it. We should do some remedy to get more benefit from small Rajyoga. It is necessary to worship our favoured god. It is also important to remember your favoured god and chanting his psalm. The small Rajyoga will never wholly end by remembering your favoured god. The stability of small Rajyoga depends on you and your devotion. The worshipping favoured god never ultimately ends the Rajyoga.

One should do maximum service or take care of parents. Also, take care of your principal, master and teacher. Make an arrangement of food and water for beast and birds. Prepare kheer on full moon day night and keep it moonlight. On the next day, you should eat kheer and give it to others. This remedy will provide an excellent result. The Rajyoga will not break. Take out some food from your plate and give it to the dog. Do not prepare different food for the dog.

You should take out one part of the food which you eat. Start giving this food to the dog. Speak less when you feel you are facing a problem. Do not talk with ego. Put milk in a bottle and hide it in any secluded place. Do this remedy on every Tuesday. Do it for 43 Tuesdays. Any family member can do the solution if you are not able to do it. It is more beneficial if you do this remedy.

Daily offer water to the Sun. Keep water in a copper urn and mix sugar, rice and rotti. Stand in front of Sun, chant Om Dhruni Suryaya Namah and offer water slowly. These remedies will convert your small Rajyoga into big Rajyoga.

Importance of Sun and Moon’s Zodiac Signs

Sun is complete fire element planet. Sun relates to Leo zodiac. Sun is the owner of Leo zodiac. Leo zodiac is an entire fire element zodiac. Leo is considered the favorable zodiac of Mars. The impact of this zodiac increases the power of the Sun in life.

zodiac signsLeo: This zodiac is considered the prime zodiac of the fire element. It is the zodiac of leadership, courage, struggle, and politics. People of this zodiac do the direction of society. This zodiac is very important for bones and education matter. Overconfidence is the biggest weakness of this zodiac. People of this zodiac should wear coral by consulting an astrologer. It is also beneficial to chant Gayatri psalm.

Moon is entirely water element planet. Moon ultimately relates to Cancer zodiac. Cancer zodiac is considered water zodiac. Cancer zodiac is dearest sign of Jupiter. The impact of this zodiac strengthens Moon and Jupiter. In most of the cases, Cancer zodiac is very lucky. They have good mercy of God.

Cancer: It is a very beautiful and playful zodiac. Cancer zodiac has imagination, beauty, tenderness, and knowledge. It is the biggest zodiac of heart and emotions. The biggest weakness of this zodiac is sensitiveness. People of cancer zodiac do not have good marital life and love relations. People of this zodiac should wear opal or pearl by consulting an astrologer. Also, worship Lord Shiva.

Things To Mind While Wearing Gemstone

The gemstone is the source of a particular type of energy. Gemstone connects the body energy to planets energy. On this basis, one gets benefit or loss. One should take care of the weight and time of wearing. It will be dangerous to wear gemstone without identifying these two things.

gemstoneOne should check the condition of the planet and necessity while wearing a gemstone. Then, you can predict the gemstone weight. One can decide the importance of gemstone on the part of gemstone. Do not determine the gemstone weight based on the person’s weight. If there is more necessity of any Rashmi of gemstone then wear a big gemstone. If there is less necessity, then wear a small gemstone.

Gemstone has one type of energy. This will balance the body’s energy. This energy of gemstone meets the body’s energy after some time; then gemstone will become ineffective. In this condition, you can change the gemstone or make it energetic again.

Pearl remains energetic around two years. Pearl works properly around three-four years. Ruby remains active around five-seven years. Emerald continues energetic around five years. Yellow sapphire or topaz, diamond, and sapphire remain energetic for more than ten years. Gomed and Lahsuniya remain energetic around 2.5-3 years.

Get Your Mothers Blessings for Strong Moon

Moon planet is near the earth. It is the owner of coolness and night. Moon plays a vital role in the communication of life. In a human’s life, the mother is the centre of love. Moon and Mother are related to each other. We can understand the mother’s condition through the Moon. On the same way, we can understand the Moon’s situation through mother.

strong moonIf you do not maintain good relation with the mother, then the promising effect of Moon decrease, the mental condition becomes weak. You may face a mind problem. Happiness will reduce in life without any reason. One may face a small disease. They may face a security problem.

If your relationship remains good with your mother, then the condition of the Moon in the horoscope will improve. The mental problem will be solved. One gets respect, name and prestige. They will get relief from the big-small health problem.

One can strengthen Moon by bowing in front of parents. Touch their feet in morning-evening. Take care of their food, cloth and medicine. Try to leave near to your mother. Take any silver stuff from mother. Always keep it with you.

Keep fast on new moon day. Give Ardhya to Moon during Shukal Paksha. Worship Lord Shiva on Mondays. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” as pleasant as possible.

How To Prevent Negativity In Life – Astrology Remedies

Many people get negativity in their life. They think about conspiracy and evil thoughts. Many times people go towards the wrong path due to negativity. Negativity occurs due to Rahu and Ketu. One face loss due to Rahu and Ketu Dasha. They face many problems. Many times there is a conflict between spouses.

Prevent NegativityNegativity can be removed through some remedies. However, do not indulge in black magic. One should do this remedy for a long time with patience. This will give happiness in life. Mix seven grains and grind it very small. Mix rock salt in it. Mix raw milk in it and prepare a paste from this mixture.

Apply this mixture on head, forehead, neck, heart, body, and legs. You can apply it on your entire body. You should use this paste in the bathroom. Also, do the meditation of your favored god while applying this paste. Take a bath after a few minutes of applying the paste. Harmful effects will remove slowly.

You can apply lemon or rub the lemon on your body. This is beneficial to remove negativity from the body. You should remember your favored god while using lemon on the body. Burst the lemon and throw it after using on the body. You will get more benefit if you do remedy.

Never blame anyone for your wrong time. Take sand or soil from the river bank on full moon day. Do this remedy after Moon rises on full moon day. Let the sand or soil dry. Filter it when it dries. Apply sand or dirt on the body. You should apply it on the forehead. Take a bath after doing a remedy.

Take cold water in one bucket and fill hot water in one bucket. Take a bath with this water one by one. You should remember your favored god while taking a shower. Mix white sandalwood powder, turmeric, and milk in pure saffron. Apply this mixture on the forehead. You can also mix pure camphor in it.

Worship Goddess Bagalamukhi To Remove Obstacles From Life

Goddess Durga has nine forms and ten mahavidhya. The name of the seventh mahavidhya is goddess Valgamukhi. Goddess Valgamukhi is also known as Bagalamukhi. Goddess Bagalamukhi is not the power of kill. The worship of goddess Bagalamukhi, we can strengthen Jupiter. If one face threat of enemy, weapon or an accident due to Mars then it can be avoided through the worship of goddess Bagalamukhi.

goddess bagalamukhiGoddess Bagalamukhi avoids blood-related disease. Do not believe the worship of goddess Bagalamukhi as tantrik worship. You can not kill anyone through the worship of goddess Bagalamukhi. Goddess Bagalamukhi protects you, and if you are honest, then she helps you in conflict. One cannot get help from the goddess after doing the wrong work. If you criticize someone or upset the person or make the loss of someone, then you cannot get benefit from worship.

You should worship goddess Bagalamukhi if you are getting problem in life. It is the power of goddess Bagalamukhi. Lord Vishnu has done the same. Goddess Bagalamukhi is known as Vaishanvi. Therefore, her power cannot be Tamsik. The worship of goddess Bagalamukhi is very easy. One can get success by worshiping goddess Bagalamukhi. They quickly can get rid of fro conflict. People live happily. Their many enemies become a friend.

Take a yellow flower, coconut, and turmeric in the morning. Light five lamps. Make this lamp with flour mixing turmeric. You can light this lamp near the brass. Keep your face on the east side. Do not worry if you do not have an image of goddess Bagalamukhi. Take clean soil, mix milk in it and prepare one idol. Color this idol with turmeric. Worship this idol when it becomes dry. Offer yellow cloth, yellow flower, turmeric or any yellow sweet.

Keep some food near the image. Donate this food to any girl who is below 8 years. Also, keep some money near the idol and give it to a girl who is below 8 year of age. Chant “Om Hriling Bagalamukhe Vacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jeevah Kilay Buddhi Vinashay Om Hriling Phat”. If you are doing Yagna then put Swah at the end of the psalm. Chant this psalm for one garland. This will avoid conflict. There is divinity in 8-12 years of children. Therefore, children are considered as the form of god.