Importance of Sun and Moon’s Zodiac Signs

Sun is complete fire element planet. Sun relates to Leo zodiac. Sun is the owner of Leo zodiac. Leo zodiac is an entire fire element zodiac. Leo is considered the favorable zodiac of Mars. The impact of this zodiac increases the power of the Sun in life.

zodiac signsLeo: This zodiac is considered the prime zodiac of the fire element. It is the zodiac of leadership, courage, struggle, and politics. People of this zodiac do the direction of society. This zodiac is very important for bones and education matter. Overconfidence is the biggest weakness of this zodiac. People of this zodiac should wear coral by consulting an astrologer. It is also beneficial to chant Gayatri psalm.

Moon is entirely water element planet. Moon ultimately relates to Cancer zodiac. Cancer zodiac is considered water zodiac. Cancer zodiac is dearest sign of Jupiter. The impact of this zodiac strengthens Moon and Jupiter. In most of the cases, Cancer zodiac is very lucky. They have good mercy of God.

Cancer: It is a very beautiful and playful zodiac. Cancer zodiac has imagination, beauty, tenderness, and knowledge. It is the biggest zodiac of heart and emotions. The biggest weakness of this zodiac is sensitiveness. People of cancer zodiac do not have good marital life and love relations. People of this zodiac should wear opal or pearl by consulting an astrologer. Also, worship Lord Shiva.

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