Worship Goddess Bagalamukhi To Remove Obstacles From Life

Goddess Durga has nine forms and ten mahavidhya. The name of the seventh mahavidhya is goddess Valgamukhi. Goddess Valgamukhi is also known as Bagalamukhi. Goddess Bagalamukhi is not the power of kill. The worship of goddess Bagalamukhi, we can strengthen Jupiter. If one face threat of enemy, weapon or an accident due to Mars then it can be avoided through the worship of goddess Bagalamukhi.

goddess bagalamukhiGoddess Bagalamukhi avoids blood-related disease. Do not believe the worship of goddess Bagalamukhi as tantrik worship. You can not kill anyone through the worship of goddess Bagalamukhi. Goddess Bagalamukhi protects you, and if you are honest, then she helps you in conflict. One cannot get help from the goddess after doing the wrong work. If you criticize someone or upset the person or make the loss of someone, then you cannot get benefit from worship.

You should worship goddess Bagalamukhi if you are getting problem in life. It is the power of goddess Bagalamukhi. Lord Vishnu has done the same. Goddess Bagalamukhi is known as Vaishanvi. Therefore, her power cannot be Tamsik. The worship of goddess Bagalamukhi is very easy. One can get success by worshiping goddess Bagalamukhi. They quickly can get rid of fro conflict. People live happily. Their many enemies become a friend.

Take a yellow flower, coconut, and turmeric in the morning. Light five lamps. Make this lamp with flour mixing turmeric. You can light this lamp near the brass. Keep your face on the east side. Do not worry if you do not have an image of goddess Bagalamukhi. Take clean soil, mix milk in it and prepare one idol. Color this idol with turmeric. Worship this idol when it becomes dry. Offer yellow cloth, yellow flower, turmeric or any yellow sweet.

Keep some food near the image. Donate this food to any girl who is below 8 years. Also, keep some money near the idol and give it to a girl who is below 8 year of age. Chant “Om Hriling Bagalamukhe Vacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jeevah Kilay Buddhi Vinashay Om Hriling Phat”. If you are doing Yagna then put Swah at the end of the psalm. Chant this psalm for one garland. This will avoid conflict. There is divinity in 8-12 years of children. Therefore, children are considered as the form of god.

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