5 Things Brings Luck in Your Life – As Per Vedic Astrology

There are some habits which can change your fortune. If we do some work, then our sins reduce. Our excellent work increase, and we can get the mercy of God. This increases our good luck. We can get rid of the bad effects of Shani-Rahu by doing some good work.

luck in lifeOne should do prayer in the morning. Make prayer while doing the meditation of God. Keep your mind calm. This will change your life amazingly. One should keep their body, mind and place clean. You should always clean your body. Keep your account simple. Your thoughts should be good. You have to keep clean any place of the home. You have to clean it your own. This will reduce the bad effect of Shani-Rahu.

You should pour water in the plants of the home. You can plant any plant on your birthday. You should plant it at such place, where it can grow. It is beneficial to plant a fruit tree. Planting a fruit tree gives you benefit. This will reduce the misfortune and increase the fortune.

There are two paksha in the month. You should serve satsang or anusthan during these two paksha in the month. You should visit any satsang. You have to do anusthan. You can do Jaap on new moon day or full moon day. It is also beneficial to keep fast of Ekadashi. This will reduce the effect of misdeed. You will make progress in life.

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